Skill Building Scholarship


  • The following policy was established by Ferndale Youth Assistance BOard of Directors for the purpose of processing Skill Building Scholarship requests in an equitable and fair manner, for as long as funds are available in any fiscal year. This policy is a guideline for reviewing and approving requests for funds and is subject to exceptions on an individual basis and with the consensus of the Board.

    ****Special considerations for more than 1 activity per fiscal year****

    • The child resides within the boundaries of the Ferndale School District
    • All forms must be submitted and completed 1-2 weeks prior to activity for consideration.
    • The child has a desire for learning a new skill, but without scholarship support would not be able to participate.
    • The parents will support and participate in the scholarship experience.
    • Parents are required to sign income waiver to verify total family income for the activity in which funds are being requested.
    • All requests for Skill Building Scholarship funds must be approved by the Youth Assistance-Skill Building Committee.
    • Scholarship approval will be for 80% of the activity, dependent upon Skill Buolding-Scholarship monies available.
    • Scholarships will be limited to participant fees only (excluding uniforms, and other fees attached to the activity).
    • Parents and/or child receiving Skill Building Scholarship funds are asked to volunteer 20 hours in lieu of 20% of their payment portion if participating in Skill building activity.
    • Sources for classes to choose from:
      • Ferndale Community Education & School sponsored programs
      • Ferndale Parks & Recreation Department
      • Oak Park-Parks & Recreation Department
  • The goal of Youth Enrichment is to provide scholarships to a targeted group of youth for activities that would enable them to develop a special talent or interest in which, due to a lack of funds, they would otherwise be unable to participate. These Skill-building scholarships are aimed at expanding the child's horizon, increasing the child's skills, building self-confidence, and enhancing self-esteem.
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