Volunteer Opportunities

Mentors Plus

  • Screen and match caring and concerned volunteerswith youngsters who are in need of a positive adult role model or friend.
  • Recruit, interview, and match adult volunteerswith youngsters.
  • Volunteers are asked to spend approximately 1-2hours per week with their youngsters for a period of one year and engage inmeaningful activities.

Summer Camp

  • Coordinate opportunities for youth to attendvarious summer camps.
  • Solicit financial support from community groupsand local businesses.
  • Review camp applications, select camps, andinform school administration.

Family Education

  • Organize youth and parenting educational classesthat will enhance parenting skills and strengthen family relationships.
  • Assess and coordinate yoth and family educationprograms based on survey of community needs.
  • Advertising educational programs via flyers,mailings, press releases, & cable TV announcements.

Public Relations

  • Increase the visiblity of Ferndale YouthAssistance in the City of Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge.
  • Develop flyers and maintain website and othersocial networking activities.
  • Making presentations, writing press releases andannouncements for local papers.

Youth Recognition

  • Recognize youth that have volunteered or made special contributions to the Ferndale community.
  • Solicit youth nominations from schools, churches, or other interested individuals who would like to nominate a child for this award.
  • Coordinate the event which may include securing date, facility, guest speaker, and refreshments.

Youth Enrichment

  • Provide scholarship to youngsters to participate in extra-curricula activities that will enhance their confidence and social skills.
  • Review and approve youth enrichment and skill building applications.
  • In compliance with Community Development BlockGrant funds.

Membership Recruitment

  • Recruit volunteers to participate in various programs offered by Ferndale Youth Assistance.
  • Share our mission statement and interview potential volunteers.
  • Public speaking at local clubs, civic groups, parent organizations, and churches to gain new volunteers.

Board of Directors

  • Must live or work in the Ferndale School District to serve as board of directors.
  • Will oversee the programs offered by FerndaleYouth Assistance
  • Utilize Robert’s Rules of Order-Parliamentary procedures and facilitate monthly lunch meetings.


  • Generate fundraising ideas that will provide financial support for youth and family programs to Ferndale Youth Assistance.Volunteers will assist with activities that will promote each fundraising activity to be successful. All donations go directly toward youth programs rather than operational cost.
  • Secure facility and other required resources for event or be held and assist with other planning duties.
  • Advertise the event in all local newspapers via press releases, cable TV, & public announcements.
  • Seek out creative ideas to participate in local fundraising events.
  • Recruit volunteers to assist with fundraising projects and grant writing.

Task Volunteers

  • Volunteers work on a specific project such as Blues Fest, Bowl-a-Thon, Empty Bowl or other fundraising projects to support and promote our mission statement and goals.

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